Standard course of a burglary

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Rat thief
Burglars will usually leave the scene after 1 minute, provided that all precautions have been taken before to frustrate their attempt!

No burglar automatically searches for a safe when entering in a house because they are not present everywhere. Burglars are primarily focused on money and jewelry. Their misdeeds usually start in the bedroom or office where they usually cause substantial damage.

The safe should never be hidden (e.g. in the basement) because the safe must be discovered in the first minute of a burglary – why? Because there is a big chance (over than 60%) that the rest of the house will remain untouched! What is coveted by the burglar is most likely in the safe and his searches stop there. So the best location of a safe is in the office, bedroom or dressing.

If the safe has a key lock, the burglar will search for a copy of the key causing a significant deterioration of the overall furniture. It should be noted that in 25% of cases the key is found.

This is why Switzerlock safes are equipped with digital keypad only.

The burglar will then knock on the safe door and walls of the safe to quickly evaluate its quality. If he hears a hollow sound, the safe will be attacked for sure.

This is why Switzerlock safes are made of 10 mm steel thickness on all 6 sides.

Besides, outer hinges and large clearance between safe’s door and door’s frame are also a real invitation to attack.

This is why Switzerlock safes are designed with inner hinges and minimal door clearance. 

Finally, if none of the previous attacks was successful, the burglar will attempt to remove the safe. It should be noted that in 45% of cases burglars leave the scene with the safe.

This is why Switzerlock safes are fixed with 4 chemical anchor bolts in the floor and/or 4 anchor bolts in the wall, each bolt is 165 mm to 190 mm long. As a comparison, screws used for fixing a shelf on a wall are 30 mm to 80 mm long.

Burglars are especially anxious and eager during burglary, if they realize that the safe resists too much, they will simply go elsewhere and the damage will be minimal.

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