• Anchoring safes
  • Installation of a SWITZERLOCK safe
  • Fixation in the wall
  • How strong is a SWITZERLOCK safe installation?


45% of attacked safes are just taken away by the burglars.

To avoid this attack, anchoring the safe is the best solution.

Switzerlock provides also installation services to his customers. Switzerlock’s technicians have an extensive experience in safes’ installation. In less than one hour, they will select the best location in your home/premise for installing your safe and then they will anchor it with the best chemical fixing solution available on the market today.


We inform our dear customers who decide to purchase a Switzerlock safe but decline the installation service performed by our qualified technicians that, in this case, Switzerlock company is not responsible for the installation and the damages/malfunctions of the safe resulting from this installation.

For example, if the safe doesn’t open with the code, Switzerlock has no responsibility or obligation to crack the safe. However, Switzerlock will provide all reasonable assistance to the customer in order for him to open his safe.