• About us

About us

Stefanidis Group is a Swiss company based in Zurich.

We develop, manufacture and supply unique electronic safes and safe installation services to residential and business customers in Europe. Switzerlock® is the brand name of our Swiss safes, it is also a registered trademark.

What makes our offer unique is a combination of several features:

A robust safe design, thanks to:

  • 10 mm of steel thickness instead of 2-6 mm (competitors’ safes),
  • an electronic locking system instead of a mechanical key to prevent loss or theft of the key,
  • a door with inner hinges instead of external hinges to prevent hinge cutout.

A strong safe installation, thanks to our expertise in selecting:

  • the best location in the client premise/home for installing the safe,
  • the best anchoring solution for the client’s safe (chemical anchorage of the safe in a concrete slab with 4 chemical anchorage bolts).