• Safe cracking test: SWITZERLOCK safe vs. competitors


Q1. Do I need a Switzerlock safe?
The answer depends on the region where you live.

For instance, if you live in Greece, police statistics show that burglaries have increased by 200% past two years so if all your values (e.g. cash, jewellery, gold, etc.) are not to the bank but a part of them are hidden at home, you have a risk to be stolen.

Having a Switzerlock safe at home is a worthy investment because it can deter many burglaries, prevent thefts by unskilled thieves and delay the skilled burglar.

Q2. Where Switzerlock safes are made?
Switzerlock safes are developed and engineered in Switzerland.

Depending on our client’s location, we can manufacture our safes in Switzerland or in another country (e.g. China, Russia, Turkey), giving us greater capacity and flexibility whilst providing to our customers better price in countries with lower manufacturing costs.

However, all Switzerlock safes are controlled according to Swiss quality standard.

Q3. Does a Switzerlock safe come with a warranty?
We offer a factory warranty of 2 years for the mechanical & electronic parts of our safes. If Switzerlock is in charge of the installation, we offer 10 years warranty for the installation.

Q4. How strong is a Switzerlock safe?
All Switzerlock safes are made of 10 mm steel thickness on all 6 faces which is much better than the 2-6 mm thickness of competitor’s safes.

Q5. What is the difference between a Switzerlock safe and a safe I can buy 30€ to the supermarket?
A 30€ safe is made of 2-3 mm steel thickness, this is not enough to resist an attack with basic tools (e.g. hammer, electric drill, crowbar, etc.). Click here to see how easy it is to open a supermarket safe.

Q6. Is Switzerlock safe certified?
Switzerlock safes are as strong as certified safes but cheaper because getting a certification is expensive.

However, having a certified safe is important for insurance reasons. For instance, in countries like Switzerland, Germany, France, UK, insurance companies accept to insure the content of a certified safe.

In other countries like Greece, Ireland, Poland there is no insurer who insures the content of a certified safe so there is no advantage to have a certified safe in those countries.

Q7. How much does a Switzerlock safe cost?
See our retail prices in Products section.