How to choose a correct safe?

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Can we ensure safety for our valuable items? Can it be or is it a myth? Actually, up to a point this can be done. In the specific time that we live, it is critical to have a safe place in our home where we can secure the things that are valuable to us. Some say, “I have nothing to put inside”, but on second thought everyone has something valuable or priceless, or just something we don’t want to lose.

Historically, theft was always in people life, in various forms. Here are some known examples:
In Greek mythology, Hermes was the protector of thieves!
Who doesn’t remember the legendary Scrooge McDuck and The Treasury Of Croesus.
At the cinema, the blockbuster “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest.”
It is also noticeable that in the Bible, among the 10 commandments of God, there is “thou shalt not steal.”

As theft never stopped through the ages, some centuries ago appeared the idea of a “safe”, a secure place to protect the valuable items from thieves. But it was only in the 18th century that the use of cast iron started and with this new technique, the first boxes made of solid iron were manufactured for the safety of valuable items. Since then, many things have changed but the need for security remained the same! At all times and especially today, people need to protect what belongs to them and what they love.

As time passes, the ways that a theft is conducted are enriched, with a more “civilised” character and with wicked methods. In many cases we lose trust in others but also in bank system. The safe was made exactly for this reason, because it is the only independent means of safety.

So, can it be that a safe is the secure solution that we are looking for our valuable items? Yes, if we choose the right safe according to our personal and specific need. At first, we must be careful with our choice so the aspiring thief won’t be able to:
- rip the safe out of the wall,
- break it with a hammer,
- cut it in few minutes with a cutting wheel,
- open it with simple tricks found on the internet (e.g. reset buttons, passkey, etc.)

We, as a company, have a secure solution for every one and according to each specific need. We have studied the threats listed above and many others and we created the most modern and secure safe to withstand all known threats. Someone might think, “It sounds good but is it the right moment for such purchase?” We answer that it’s never the right moment to lose your valuables. Bearing in mind the economical situation, we offer solutions with great value for money. We are here to have again the right to feel safe.


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